CODE: 41023
Availability: In Stock
IS GIFT Desktop USB Vacuum (2Asst/12Disp)
CODE: 41023
Availability: In Stock

Perfect for all desks and keyboards. Plug into any USB power source and clean away! Remove front compartment to clean and remove dust.
Set includes: Re-usable filters, 122cm USB cable and 2 cleaning nozzles.
Available in 2 assorted colours in 12 piece CDU.

Barcode: 9323307084339
Recommended Age: This is not a Toy
Batteries Required: NA
Care Instructions: Clean filter regularly
Dimensions (no pkg): 142 x 45 x 45 @0.076kg
Display Dimensions: 311 x 195 x 341 @1.7kg
Inner Carton Dimensions and weight: 323 x 350 x 210mm @2.75kg (100% recycled card)
Item Dimensions (in pckg) & weight: 190 x 135 x 25mm @0.114kg
Outer Carton Dimensions and weight: 666 x 367 x 447mm @9.5kg (100% recycled card)
Item Made from: Body handle : ABS Material, Transparent container: AS mater
Packaging Type: Hangsell Clamshell Pkg
CODE: 41023
Minimum Quantity: 12 units (Quantity must be multiple of 12 units)
Availability: In Stock
ISGIFTMagnetic Locker Set-Dry Erase Board&Mirror(2Asst)(min8
CODE: 41045
Minimum Quantity: 8 units (Quantity must be multiple of 8 units)
Availability: In Stock

Magnetic Locker Set - Dry Erase Board & Mirror
2 asst.
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