CODE: 5265064
Availability: In Stock
FRED Daily Sampler - Desktop Affirmations (min 6)
CODE: 5265064
Availability: In Stock

Desktop affirmations that keep you in stitches.

Traditional cross-stitch samplers test your skills in needlework, but lately your boss is testing your skills in patience! Show them how you really feel with Fred’s DAILY SAMPLER. 32 different desktop affirmations to display your mood on the good days, the bad days, and everything in-between, all nestled into a freestanding gold printed frame.  The unique cross-stitch designs are sure to add a cozy touch to your workspace. Each 3” x 5” card is made of sturdy paperboard and packed in a colorful peggable gift box. Design by Fred Studio in collaboration with Subversive Cross Stitch.

Barcode: 728987034732
Recommended Age: TBC
Batteries Required: NA
Care Instructions: NA
Dimensions (no pkg): 105 x 145 x 40mm
Display Dimensions: NA
Inner Carton Dimensions and weight: 225 x 160 x 155mm
Item Dimensions (in pckg) & weight: 133 x 147 x 46mm @0.240
Outer Carton Dimensions and weight: 465 x 335 x 330mm @ 13.5kg
Item Made from: cardboard
Packaging Type: card gift box
CODE: 5265064
Minimum Quantity: 6 units (Quantity must be multiple of 6 units)
Availability: In Stock
FRED Borrow My Pen Memorable Pens - Set of 8 (Min 12)
CODE: 5277431
Minimum Quantity: 12 units (Quantity must be multiple of 12 units)
Availability: Back Ordered

You know those pens that end up in your pocket or purse promoting Joe's Garage or Nancy's House of Insurance? Well the sick minds at Fred have taken it one step too far with this subversive collection of immortal advertising keepsakes.
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