CODE: NPW53067
Availability: Back Ordered
NPW Vibe Squad Water Bottle (Min 6)
CODE: NPW53067
Availability: Back Ordered

Yep we know, drink plenty of water to stay healthy. But then we forget and end up feeling like a dehydrated cactus. Pack this generous sized bottle in your bag and it’s easy to stay watered. With a quirky cactus design, turquoise spout, wrist strap and lid to prevent any spills.

Barcode: 5037200053067
Recommended Age: TBC
Batteries Required: Not Required
Care Instructions: TBC
Dimensions (no pkg): 70 x 230 x 70mm @ 0.41kg
Display Dimensions: NA
Inner Carton Dimensions and weight: 240 x 160 x 240mm @ 1.4kg
Item Dimensions (in pckg) & weight: NA
Outer Carton Dimensions and weight: 360 x 355 x 495mm @ 9.85kg
Item Made from: Plastic, Stainless Steel, Silicone
Packaging Type: Swing tag
CODE: NPW53067
Minimum Quantity: 6 units (Quantity must be multiple of 6 units)
Availability: Back Ordered
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