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IS GIFT Bliss - Eye Mask (3Asst/18Disp)
CODE: 38018
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These super zen eye masks are perfect for soothing tired eyes and for relieving stress related tension.

Please note:
For use under adult supervision
Always test the temperature before applying to skin
Use only as directed
Discard the pad if punctured. If leaked liquid touches skin, wash the area with soap and water. If leaked liquid gets in the eye, rinse with water for several minutes

Barcode: 9323307081208
Recommended Age: NA
Batteries Required: Not Required
Care Instructions: Hand wash only - surface clean with damp cloth
Dimensions (no pkg): 194 x 89 x 15mm @ 0.12kg. Elastic strap 405mm
Display Dimensions: 318 x 220 x 175mm
Inner Carton Dimensions and weight: 330 x 190 x 240 @3.4kg (100% recycled card)
Item Dimensions (in pckg) & weight: 91 x220 x15mm @ 0.125kg
Outer Carton Dimensions and weight: 525x310x260 @12.9kgs (100% recycled card)
Item Made from: Plastic, Polyester, Elastic/ Velcro.Beads: Water, Glycerin .
Packaging Type: PVC Hangcell Box
CODE: 38018
Minimum Quantity: 18 units (Quantity must be multiple of 18 units)
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Evening Rituals - Satin Sleep Set (min 6)
CODE: 37978
Minimum Quantity: 6 units (Quantity must be multiple of 6 units)
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