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    As an Independence Studios customer, we want you to know you have the right to expect the following standards from us.

    1.    Honesty, in all our dealings with you – both in our commitment and product recommendations.
    2.    Friendly, courteous and awesome service. Your perception of which is our reality.
    3.    We will always strive to provide you with unique items, designed to enhance your standing as a specialty retailer.
    4.    Your input and ideas are vital to us and will always be acted upon.
    5.    We will acknowledge any communication you have with us before the end of the next working day.
    6.    We will communicate with you frequently, to ensure you are kept right up-to-date, and to build a strong bond between us.

    You are prohibited from making use of any intellectual property, trademarks, or logos without the express permission of INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd.
    As a result of browsing the INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd website where content is downloaded, printed, or viewed, such content is permissible for private, non-commercial use for the sole purpose of evaluating goods, making a purchase of goods, or promoting the sale of goods to others.

    Your use of this Website, including accessing or browsing the Website, is deemed to be your acceptance of these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Please read both of them carefully. If you do not agree and accept, without limitation or qualification, these Terms of Use, please exit the Website immediately and refrain from using the Website in the future.

    All content and material found on our website is owned by INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd and is protected by copyright laws. Where content is supplied by external providers, such content is deemed to be owned by the said organisations and is likewise protected by copyright laws. No content and material may be used without the written permission of INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd.


    INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of the Website. Your use of and browsing in the Website are at your risk. To the fullest extent permitted by law, neither INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd nor its Affiliates, nor any of its agencies, nor any other party involved in creating, producing, or delivering the Website, is liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages or losses arising out of your access to, or use of, the Website. You are advised that there are risks associated with activities related to the world wide web and incurred by using the internet and world wide web, and these risks arising from your use are borne by you.

    INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd also assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable for, any damage to, or virus that may infect, your computer equipment or other property on account of your access to, use of browsing in the Website, or your downloading of any materials provided that we do not limit in any way our liability by law for death or personal injury caused by our negligence.  

    INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd may, at its own discretion, prevent you from gaining access to our website through any means available at its disposal. Any person identified as a potential security threat or anyone who has attempted to claim or purchase goods in a fraudulent or dishonest manner will immediately have their IP blocked. Where any law is broken or a crime is committed, INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd may also report such matters to the appropriate law enforcing bodies.


    For the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the reputation of INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd, you must ensure that all products sourced from INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd are sold only at retail sales locations and other channels of distribution which are consistent with the reputation and public image of INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd.

    You may not, either directly or indirectly, distribute or sell products on an online discount retailer or likely to resell products on an online auction (such as eBay) or equivalent website; and/or a person or entity likely to sell products outside the Territory.


    INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd will offer, from time to time goods at reduced prices or run special promotions (such as a seasonal offer) for a limited amount of time. Customers who place orders for sale items or special promotional offers will be deemed to have read, and agree to, all the terms and conditions for that particular sale/promotion.


    Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our website content, you are advised that occasionally errors in the name, description, quantity, size, and any other aspect of the goods may occur, and no errors are ever made deliberately or intentionally. Omissions of varying kinds, incorrect pricing, and other factual mistakes may arise from time to time. If any piece of information relating to the goods or services is suspected of being incorrect, the customer is advised to adopt a cautious approach and notify INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd for clarification prior to purchase.

    INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility or liability for any financial loss or any other resulting factor that may arise. INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel or refuse any purchases made.


    Once a user is registered with the website, product pricing will be visible against all products. The product pricing will either be in AUD or NZD depending on which country the user is based in.


    You are responsible for the accuracy of your Customer Details. Information relating to your identity, billing information, and all other relevant information shall be kept up-to-date and maintained by you.


    INDEPENDENCE STUDIOS Pty Ltd reserve the right to make changes and amendments to these Terms and Conditions time it deems fit or necessary. By further visiting or purchasing goods from our website, you are deemed to have fully read, understood the Terms and Conditions, and thereby agree unconditionally to the Terms and Conditions, including any changes made.


    Our promise to you

    We always aim to provide the best possible service at all times to you, our customer, and in doing so, we need to collect personal information such as your name, address and contact details. When handling this kind of personal information, we promise to keep all personal information safe and secure, and to always respect your privacy. Our privacy policy, set out below in detail, explains exactly how we handle and process personal information.

    Introducing our policy

    This policy governs any kind of processing of personally identifiable information who are customers of INDEPENDECE STUDIOS Pty Ltd (“personal data”). This policy applies to our processing of personal data collected through any means, actively as well as passively, online as well as offline, from persons located anywhere in the world. Any question regarding our processing of personal data may be directed to:

    Independence Studios
    117 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100 Australia
    Ph: 61 2 9905 7988

    General Principles

    We are guided by the following principles when processing personal data:
    •    We will only collect personal data for specific and specified purposes;
    •    We will not collect personal data beyond what is necessary to accomplish those purposes;
    •    We will not use personal data for purposes other than that for which the data was collected, except as stated herein, or with prior consent;
    •    We will not transfer personal data to third parties or across borders, except as stated herein, or with prior consent;
    •    We will seek to verify and/or update personal data periodically, and we will accept requests for amendments of personal data;
    •    We will apply high technical standards to make our processing of personal data secure;
    •    Except when stated herein, we will not store personal data in identifiable form longer than is necessary to accomplish its purpose, or as is required by law.

    Transfer of personal data to third parties and/or other countries

    As a general principle, we process personal data in order to facilitate or improve our offerings and services to you. From time to time, we may purchase supplementary data from public sources to complement our data bases.
    •    We do not process personal data on behalf of third parties, nor do we sell personal data to, or share personal data with, third parties for their own, independent use, except if you allow us to do so.
    •    We do share personal data with third party vendors when it is necessary to provide services that we don’t perform ourselves, e.g. shipping  of products, etc.
    •    We also use third party data hosting companies to store personal data collected by us in their servers, and to do data validation checks for us.
    •    We may undertake or commission consumer research projects from time to time and we may share personal data with third party research companies for this purpose. Also, such third party research companies may host survey data in their data bases on our behalf.

    All data transfers to third party vendors or partners, including those listed as examples above will be subject to a written contract between us and the third party vendor or partner in question, and the vendor or partner will not have any authority to use such personal data for any purpose other than as instructed by us. We will disclose personal data when legally obligated to do so under subpoena or court order, or for law enforcement purposes.

    Processing of personal data through online shopping

    When you use our service online or offline we will process transaction-related personal data, such as your first and last name, mailing and shipping address, phone number, email address, credit card or other payment information. We will also process information about your purchases with us. We will use such personal data to process and deliver your order, to provide notification of order status, and to update your profile periodically to ensure that we have the most accurate personal data available. We will also use said personal data to analyse customer behaviour and to customize our communication with you, if applicable. In this respect, we may transfer tracking information about your use of our sites to external service providers, which will help us optimize your browsing experience. Optimization services will be performed under a written contract between us and any service provider. If you opt-in (or upon request), we will send you promotional and marketing emails. These may be targeted to you based on your purchase history or online browsing behaviour.

    Review and update of personal data

    You may always contact us to review and update personal data we may have stored about you. Please note that prior to accessing and making changes to your account, we must verify your identity properly. It may take up to 5 business days before changes take effect.

    Shopping data security

    Access to any online account are protected by access restrictions based on your email address and password. It is important that you always choose a password which is hard to guess for others, and protect your password against disclosure. All data storage will be subject to written contracts. Generally, processing of personal data will take place in accordance with applicable legislation and best practices concerning data security.

    Credit card information is directed to one or more approved and certified service provider(s), and will not be stored by us for longer than it takes to process the data.

    Keeping our policy up to date

    We may need to change our data processing policy from time to time to keep up with the ways in which we collect, use, transfer, store and/or delete personal data. If policy changes are made, which would materially and adversely affect the privacy of individuals to whom this policy applies, we will endeavour to give notice of such changes to all individuals concerned.
    Effective date: 18 March 2015
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